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./easter -h -egg
Easter 2002 -- March 29th till April 1st -- "Haus der Jugend" in Düsseldorf

What is the ./easter -h -egg ?

  • A meeting of projects in the surrounding of the Chaos Computer Club
  • Learning by Doing
  • Broden your horizons
  • Reunion of friends
  • small, nice, comfortable
  • Eastern 2002 in Düsseldorf

What are the differences between the ./easter -h -egg and the Chaos Communication Congress?

  • There just will be workshops (do-it-yourself), very few talks.
  • The workshops usually will take one whole day or longer. That means, the subjects will be discussed thoroughly, but there will be fewer subjects for the visitor to participate.
  • We will have far less participants - about 250 instead of more than 2000 like at the Congress. We can't let in more people because the space is limited. Sorry.
  • There wil be NO hackcenter! But we will have a internet conncetion. You can bring your own computer in order to participate at the workshops. We will have a intranet and Wave-LAN (IEEE 802.11b).
  • You have to register in advance because we just have a limited space and nobdy wants to travel a long distance just to to be told "Sorry, we are full..."

Who is organizing it?

  • The Chaos Computer Club and the CCC Erfa-Kreis Düsseldorf aka Chaosdorf